Support of the transplantation system

Apply for a branding campaign and creative visual solutions


To all professional designers and high school students interested in submitting visual solutions in two separate calls. Please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the link provided to upload your files. Select the category in which you are applying ( Professional designer or High school student ))
  2. Submit your work in PDF format. Provide a resolution of the work higher than 300dpi.
  3. In addition to your visual submission, please also attach a short narrative about your work. Attach an explanation that includes a few sentences describing your design concept in a Word document.
  4. If you are creating a drawing, collage, or similar art format in an analog format, please scan the work or take a high-quality photo, then upload it as a PDF file or image.
  5. You are allowed to submit up to two original works for the jury to review.
  6. To maintain anonymity during judging, please upload your work under a pseudonym. Rest assured, the system will record your email address solely for the purpose of feedback to you; jury members will not have access to this information during their evaluation.

We look forward to seeing your creative works and thank you for participating!

Одрекување од одговорност

Ставовите изразени во овој документ се единствена одговорност на “AESA – PLANET SA” конзорциумот и не мора да ги одразуваат ставовите на Европската комисија.